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Posted by admin on Sunday, March 1, 2009 :: 1495 Views :: 0 Comments :: News  

Finally, my friends, Redeeming Our Treasures is coming off the press.  We are all set to deliver the long awaited back orders by March 10, 2009.  Thank you readers for your generous patience as you waited for this book.  We believe it will be well worth the wait.  We are fully expecting our first print run to sell out quickly so we encourage those of you who haven't yet ordered to get your order in today.

We have been working on the Companion Workbook for Redeeming Our Treasures for some time now and believe it will be ready for publication soon.  We have confidence that this workbook will bring the healing work of Redeeming Our Treasures to a whole new level as women's groups, support groups, recovery ministries and churches begin to use this resource to minister to those who are desperately in need of its healing insights.

Our author, Linda Settles, is eager to share the healing principles that have given her so much freedom with other women who bear the scars of a similar wounding to the story told in Redeeming Our Treasures.  She has great faith in the courage, determination, and perseverance of other survivors on the road to recovery.

You can contact Linda at: speaker@edicthouse.com to arrange speaking engagements and conferences.

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